Hybrid Rehabilitation Model

Hybrid Rehabilitation Model

Schedule = Structure = Sobriety

Our Philosophy is simple: Long term, sustainable recovery, will only take place within the context of structured living. Clear and focused scheduling is the first step in establishing that structure. Emotional turmoil and internal chaos begins to brew when individuals are not held accountable for their schedule and the structure of their life begins to fall apart.

Launch Your New Life with our Vocational Programming

Staff will be there with you to guide you and help you navigate your path to success.

Your path begins here.

  • Vocational Assessments & Assistance with Placement
  • Set employment goals and objectives
  • Navigate employment challenges
  • On the job training opportunities
  • Learn how to manage finances responsibly
  • All vocational workshops therapeutic in nature and geared to engage and challenge the status-quo and hold individuals accountable for their established employment goals.

24/7 Sober Living

  • Daily/Weekly Scheduling
  • Individual support
  • Life-skills workshops
  • 12 Step Recovery
  • S.M.A.R.T. Recovery
  • Randomized urine screens
  • Staff directed interventions
  • Accountability

Self Autonomy

  • Setting daily goals
  • Developing structured way of living
  • Change shame based identity
  • Developing alternate coping skills
  • Healthy decision making
  • Onward Living, promotes self-autonomy, helping our clients take ownership of their life.