What we do?

Onward Living is a hybrid rehabilitation program, providing sober support within a structured transitional environment.

As we know, recovery from addiction and self-destructive behaviors does not take place overnight! A structured transitional period is the only way to ensure that the tools received in a residential treatment program can continue to stay sharp. Living in a quality transitional program allows individuals to continue building the confidence necessary to face upcoming hurdles and transition back into society in a healthy, sober way. Onward LIVING is a program designed to assist individuals and families move ONWARD in their life, blending both traditional inpatient structure, comprehensive outpatient therapy while facilitating self-autonomous.

We have developed a comprehensive hybrid treatment center. Combining daily accountability through community based support and at the same time allowing individuals to test the waters of their own recovery. Our staff works closely with discharge planners and the original therapeutic team to construct a daily and weekly schedule that incorporates independence within the construct of a grounded recovery program. Daily workshops and house meetings are used to help challenge, engage and motivate our clients, utilizing a proven educational approach to build life skills. Additional outpatient services are available as well. Our goal is simple, to create the total environment for healthy long-term recovery!

Our Mission

Onward Living Kadima, is a Hybrid Rehabilitation Facility, which caters to the specific recovery needs of the Jewish community.
We combine life skills workshops, job placement, Jewish education, and philosophy within the construct of a sober living community. Our secondary goal is to continue spreading awareness and guidance within the Jewish community helping individuals
and families from falling prey to the disease of addiction.