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Onward Residence

At Onward Living, we are more than a treatment program, we are a family.
Residents are provided housing in our Glatt-Kosher, beautiful family-style home with private bed and bathrooms, a full-sized kitchen, washer and dryer, game room, and pool. The residence is located close to shopping, restaurants, parks, and gyms. Daily transportation to the clinical center and recovery meetings are provided. Gym membership is included.

Though residents remain under supervision from our staff, residents are taught the skills for independent living through maintaining a structure of daily routine and accountability through shopping, budgeting, cooking, laundry, and chores.


Fellowship and community are the key ingredients to recovery.

At Onward Living, we have built a unique and supportive therapeutic community. Residents spend time together in a natural setting each morning and evening, coming together for Shabbos and Yom tov meals, outings and weekly Jewish recovery meetings. These activities allow for the development of natural, lasting bonds and provide invaluable camaraderie and connection.

Vulnerability, conflict-resolution, anger-management skills are all tested and strengthened within this therapeutic environment. Learning about themselves through forging connection and battling isolation through peer-support and intimacy.

Onward Residents are provided assistance in joining broader Jewish South Florida Recovery Community programming including weekly 12-step fellowship meetings, annual Jewish Recovery retreats/shabbatons and activities.

Residents are also encouraged to take part in community programming at Boca Raton Synagogue through the BRS/Adopt Partnership Program in memory of Jonathan Wijnperle a”h.

Shabbos and Yom Tov Programming

While religious observance is not a requirement, we encourage personally meaningful spiritual connection.

Like everything that occurs within Onward, Shabbos affords the opportunity for self-empowerment and proactive skill building, while also being a platform for fellowship and healthy spiritual connection.

Residents partake in the preparation and cooking of our weekly Shabbos meals and are provided with a warm atmosphere.

Alumni Program

Onward Residents are not just joining a program, but a lifelong family. We offer a robust Alumni program including weekly Alumni meetings, monthly events and outings, and access to ongoing support from our Alumni coordinator.

Residents attend workshops and on-site lifeskills training. Throughout the program, residents are guided in learning skills for obtaining and maintaining employment, financial responsibility, and consistent daily living, including: